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Dry Silo Mortar Datasheet

FP McCann’s dry silo mortar provides an efficient mortar solution to suit a wide range of external and internal works.

The dry silo mortar is delivered to your required site in our portable, sealed silos that have a built-in automatic mixing system. After the water and power supply have been connected to the mixing unit, the dry silo mortar can be mixed with water at the push of a button. This results in a consistently high-quality mix that is easy-to-use.

Our dry silo mortar mix consists of sand, cement and admixtures.

Dry Silo Mortar Applications

  • Brick, block and stone bedding
  • Repointing
  • General masonry repairs

Where can I buy Dry Silo Mortar?

Available in bulk direct to your site or for collection wet or dry. Tubs and bags are also available to purchase.

Collect dry silo mortar between 6.30 am – 5.00 pm from a depot near you.

Why use Dry Silo Mortar?

Quality Assured

  • FP McCann’s mortar silos produce a consistent mix that delivers a high-quality finish.
  • Our mortar conforms to BS EN 998-2 standard mortar strength.


  • Reduced long-term costs due to the potential for zero wastage, as fewer deliveries and less manpower are required.
  • Less space required on-site in comparison to traditional mixing methods.

Increased Productivity

  • Ready-made mortar means less time mixing and more time applying.
  • No need to retard mix.

Consistent Strength

  • Computer-controlled mixing provides a constant reliable consistency.

Environmentally Friendly

  • The large silo capacity means fewer deliveries and therefore, less environmental impact.
  • Less noise pollution is produced compared to using traditional mixers.
  • Zero packaging on-site. Less plastic packaging is used from manufacturing to point of use.
  • No leakage-risk of liquid mortar mix compared to traditional mixing methods. As a result, this eliminates the risk of storing chemical admixtures on-site.