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FP McCann’s Easi-Repair™ Cold Lay Tarmac is a cost-effective and efficient solution for temporary repairs to driveways, footpaths and a variety of other applications.

Available in 25kg bags, tonne bags and in loose bulk, Easi-Repair™ is ready to use straight from the bag and does not require any further mixing.

Approximate Coverage

One 25kg bag of Easi-Repair™ cold lay tarmac will cover approximately 0.4m² at 30mm when compacted.

Aggregate Sizes

FP McCann’s Easi-Repair™ Cold Lay Tarmac is available in a 6mm aggregate.


  • Footpath patch
  • Temporary ramping
  • Driveway repair
  • Temporary road crossing
  • Pothole repair
  • Cycleway repair
  • Emergency repair
  • Trip prevention repair

How to use Easi Repair™ Cold Lay Tarmac

  • Ensure the application area is dry and compacted
  • Sweep the application area and remove any weeds
  • Use an ordinary rake, spade or trowel to spread the cold lay tarmac to the required thickness
  • Use a roller to achieve good compaction or use a heavy, flat object for ‘tamping’ to achieve similar results
  • Application is simplistic, so therefore previous experience and specialist tools and equipment are not required
  • Suitable for a base or wearing course


You can store Easi-Repair™ for long periods, in excess of 6 months, undercover. Please ensure you always keep the bag sealed when not in use.