Henry Heron – Northern Ireland

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FP McCann’s gabion stone is used to construct free-draining walls by filling large galvanised steel baskets* with broken stone.

FP McCann supply a range of aggregates for use in gabion baskets. The permeability and flexibility of gabion stone make it an ideal material for use as a retaining wall and soil erosion control. They typically run next to rivers when the retained material is likely to be saturated and where the bearing quality of the soil is poor. Gabion baskets can also be used as a decorative retaining feature in domestic and commercial properties.

Our processes conform to the most stringent quality standards. This ensures maximum strength and durability is achieved and protects against the weathering of the stone fill.

FP McCann can supply gabion stone from our depots throughout Northern Ireland.

*Please note: FP McCann does not provide the steel gabion baskets.