Project Description


Katie McGorty – Great Britain

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FP McCann has designed a range of prestressed concrete lintels and padstones to provide a low cost and resilient masonry support for door and window openings.

The prestressed casting system used to develop lintels and padstones ensures consistent high quality and a smooth finish, thus providing safer manual handling. We manufacture our prestressed lintels and padstones to British and Irish Standards, ensuring a consistently high-quality product is produced.

To view your nearest depot supplying lintels, padstones and cills, visit our product locator.

Lintel Load / Span Table


  1. Composite brickwork figures are not included in the above load span table
  2. Minimum 150mm clear spans, plus a sound bearing length of 150mm minimum at each end. Where required, suitable padstones should be used
  3. The Uniformly Distributed Loads (UDL) above are Serviceability Loads in kN/m and are based upon the least of the flexural strength, the shear strength or the load that provides a maximum deflection of L/325 Deflection information is available upon request
  4. Lintels tested in accordance with BS EN 845-2:2013 and BS EN 846-9:2016
  5. Part packs are available on request
  6. High strength lintels are also available

Lintel Sizes / Pack Sizes

Padstones Sizes

Special padstone sizes are available on request.