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Johnny McCollum – Northern Ireland

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Michael Hassan – Republic Of Ireland

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We offer an extensive range of garden kerbs and edging to satisfy your specific landscaping requirements.

Garden kerbs and edging types include:

  • Dwarf walls
  • Round and flat top garden edge
  • Channel kerb
  • Dropper kerb
  • Half batter and full batter
  • Bull nose
  • Quadrant

We also offer our heavy-duty, precast concrete slotted drainage channel, StormChannel™. These channels are designed to remove surface waters from many areas, including roads, car parks and residential areas. Therefore, flooding and run-off can be prevented.

Kerb and Channel Dimensions


Quadrant Radius Kerb

We have designed our quadrant radius kerbs to go around bends with ease. As a result, they provide a flexible solution for some design detailing projects.