Project Description

Client: Department for Infrastructure


UB 282 Antrim Street Bridge, Lisburn, carries the main Belfast to Dublin railway over Antrim Street, at Lisburn. The bridge supports three tracks, two of which on the south side are supported on the original structure and the third set on the north side is supported on the widened section of the bridge. UB 282 had a history of reported bridge strikes. This project was to install Collision Protection Beams on both the north and south elevations.

Works included:

  • Demolition of existing masonry approach walls
  • Installation- Precast Concrete Collision Protection Beams and Cills Beam
  • Painted tubular steel handrail bolted to the top edge of precast concrete collision protection beams
  • Extension of cess walkway
  • Concrete repairs – repairs to the underside of the bridge deck
  • Signage – reinstatement of signage and painting of hazard markings on collision beam
  • Bird netting to underside of the bridge