Project Description


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Trevor Beddow – Great Britain

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Gary Donnelly – Scotland

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The StormHold™ system offers a complete solution to the stormwater attenuation problem and utilises a tried, tested and approved method of stormwater storage.

FP McCann can provide the complete package of design, product specification, the supply of products and installation advice.


  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Can use in combination with products such as pipes, culverts, tanks, manifold systems and soakaways
  • A complete solution with all connections
  • Established and familiar products
  • Can be laid in short lengths
  • The system can be adapted to load-bearing and non-load bearing applications
  • 120-year design life
  • Adoptable by water companies
  • Manufactured in accordance with a BSI accredited quality management system conforming to ISO 9001
  • Available straight from stock


The inherent structural strength of concrete is well documented and can be designed to meet the severest of loading criteria. StormHold™ systems can be tailored to suit low load situations, for example, when the tank is to be situated below verges or gardens.


  • The system can be designed specifically to suit the application
  • Quick construction using a standard joint
  • No need for fabrication on-site or external specialist contractors
  • Straightforward installation using known techniques, no need to retrain
  • Can be installed under roads and car parks
  • Can cope with construction plant loading
  • Flotation is not a concern – no need for geotechnical anchors when located below the water table
  • Long term solution


The design of the system can be tailored to suit most structural and hydraulic criteria.

Relevant Legislation/ Information

  • Planning Policy Statement 25 (PPS25) December 2009 Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG)
  • Future Water February 2008, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
  • The Pitt Review, Learning Lessons from the 2007 floods by Sir Michael Pitt
  • The Code for Sustainable Homes February 2008, Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)
  • The SuDS Manual 2007, CIRIA C697
  • Sustainable drainage systems – Hydraulic, structural and water quality advice 2004, CIRIA C609
  • Flood and Water Management Act 2010

FP McCann’s stormwater management systems can be designed to suit a wide range of construction projects and drainage schemes. Precast concrete attenuation components include products such as side entry manholes, stop end bends and spigot and socket end wall pipes. These products can either be engineered into an on-line sewer pipe system or utilised off-line as single or multiple stormwater holding tanks. All FP McCann’s storm attenuation products comply with the requirements set out within ‘Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition’ and are made from Kite marked precast concrete components, which comply with the relevant Standards: BS EN 1916 / BS 5911-1 and Manholes BS EN 1917.