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FP McCann’s precast bespoke pit solutions provide a real alternative to in-situ built pits.

Most airfield projects require the construction of large concrete pits for the main electrical and communication installations. Traditionally, due to their size, these have been constructed in-situ. A modular concrete design has been developed which is factory produced and then assembled on site.

This whole approach has produced a solution which has made a significant and sustainable contribution towards reducing the impact of construction works on the airport environment by reducing time spent on-site, runway possessions and noise.

The end product is of consistently high quality and has the added value of being easier to maintain and alter in the future.

Why an off-site solution

This reduction impacts the number of traffic deliveries to site therefore reducing site storage and site waste. It also eliminates several variables thereby improving programme reliability.

Flexible design

The design of the pits incorporates specially formed plastic sleeves which contain built-in stoppers. The collars are placed in a cluster arrangement avoiding the need to know exactly where future cable runs are. Once a cable location is known, the built-in stopper, within the plastic sleeve can be easily removed. The added benefit of the built-in stopper is that during installation and throughout its life, water ingress through the ducts is prevented. There are many other benefits some of which are listed below:

Where large repetition exists FP McCann can develop a pit solution to suit the specific needs of the client. Typically these could provide high-quality infrastructure for utility companies where large numbers of standard pits are required and where site conditions and constraints require a quick build time.


Part of our StormChamber™ multipurpose chamber range, FP McCann’s draw pits can be adapted to suit any site requirements. Their flexible design means that they can be factory fitted with duct couplers, step irons, sump units, rebated walls and ring beam units, as required.

Drawpits can be supplied to suit any loading requirements such as F900+ for airports and similar heavy-duty applications.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Pits

  • 95% reduction in site manhours for pit construction
  • 85% reduction in the on-site construction programme
  • 55% reduction in lorry movements for deliveries
  • Virtual elimination of on-site waste
  • Elimination of the need for confined space working
  • Significant reduction in site noise
  • Provision of a consistently high-quality product
  • Product designed for future alterations

For more information on our precast bespoke pit solutions, contact the team at Littleport on 01353 861416.