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The precast crosswall structural engineering system comprises a series of concrete panels forming internal, structural load-bearing partition walls, external walls and floor slabs. External walls can consist of just the inner leaf concrete finish or include the insulated precast sandwich panels.

Client designs are progressed using the latest CAD and drafting systems, including 3D modelling, ensuring BIM compatibility and providing optimum design and build solutions.

The crosswall system is designed in accordance with Building Regulation requirements and current British Standards, particularly BS EN 1992 (Eurocode 2).

Unless specified otherwise, loadings are generally to the latest revision of BS EN 1991 (Eurocode 1).

Walls are generally designed as plain walls to Eurocode 2 and are reinforced locally over windows and at openings etc. Floors can be prestressed hollowcore planks, solid reinforced or prestressed concrete slabs.


Precast crosswall components are produced at FP McCann’s modern factories, which are Quality and Environment Accredited to ISO 9001 QMS and ISO 14001 EMS. All aspects of the production cycle are carried out in strict accordance with British Standards and the clients’ requirements.

FP McCann’s experience and knowledge of the off-site construction ensures that all products are designed and manufactured for ease of assembly.

The manufacturing process is carried out by a highly skilled and experienced workforce. Concrete of the exact specifications is batched automatically by the automated mixing plants, then distributed by bullet skips to a precise location within the factory.

Crosswall Construction

It has all the advantages of a factory-engineered system, including ISO 9001 and 14001 quality assured production and provides a highly flexible layout.

It can be tailored to meet the needs of the client, architect, engineer and builder.

All units are manufactured off-site at our Byley and Grantham depots and are delivered to site ready for final preparation and decoration. All sections are designed for ease of construction, fitting together to conform fully with building and structural regulations. Also, since the windows are fixed, internal trades can commence with work far earlier than on a traditional-build site. All this to ensure peace of mind for you when you partner with us.

The Concept of Crosswall Construction

The concept of crosswall is uncomplicated, unlike the conventional building process where one trade has to follow on after the other, this system allows the main structure to be completed very quickly.

Once the foundations are laid, the speed of construction takes over. FP McCann’s pre-formed units, including all walls and floors and a flat slab concrete roof, provide an enclosed weathertight working area.

The main load-bearing structure is completed within weeks and protected from the weather. If required, fully fitted-out bathroom pods can be incorporated during this stage.

All follow-on trades can be scheduled to commence simultaneously. Roof, brickwork, window, services and floor screed subcontractors all work together to drastically reduce the time required to complete the final construction.

Quality Assurance

FP McCann operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 for the design and manufacture of precast concrete products.

We are committed to working closely with our customers, providing products and services to meet their construction and engineering needs.

Each factory has its own independent Quality Inspector to ensure compliance with ISO standards.