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Johnny McCollum – Northern Ireland

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Trevor Beddow – Great Britain

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Michael Hassan – Republic Of Ireland

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Gary Donnelly – Scotland

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Fit a pipe lifter to your excavator and you can lay concrete pipes in around half the time with less cost and less hassle – but with greater safety.

Safer – No operative needed on the vehicle during off-loading or in the trench during pipe laying.

Easier – Simple to use. No special equipment and the minimal training required.

Faster – Around 50% saving on installation time.

Cheaper – Fewer operatives plus greater productivity.

The Concrete Pipe Lifter makes light work of the installation of wastewater pipelines. Simply attach it to your excavator in seconds, using a quick-hitch coupling. There are no hydraulic links or additional energy requirements.

There is no need for anyone to stand on the bed of the vehicle during off-loading (the biggest cause of accidents during pipe laying). There’s no need for anyone to stand in the trench during installation. There are no slings or chains to trap hands and fingers. The whole operation is around 50% faster and you can reduce the size of your pipe laying gang, so costs are lower too.

The Concrete Pipe Lifter is suitable for standard UK specification BS EN1916 concrete pipes from DN300 to DN1200.

The Manhole Lifter is a companion device that makes lifting manhole rings a safe and easy, one-man operation. It eliminates the risk of vehicles falling during off-loading. There are two versions available, for precast concrete manhole rings from DN900 to DN1800 and from DN2100 to DN3000. It’s capable of lifting rings from 250mm to 1000mm  deep.