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Greg Saunders – Great Britain

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FP McCann manufactures precast modular lift shafts which can be tailored to suit any project. Since construction is completed off-site, the lift shafts are erected very quickly, greatly assisting the build programme schedule.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Lift Shafts

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Flexible, bespoke modular design
  • Offsite construction minimises disruption on-site
  • Minimal on-site labour and costs
  • Minimal on-site health and safety risks
  • Cast-in fittings provided for lift installation
  • Factory-fitted and tested lifting beam/sockets, if required
  • Minimum one-hour fire resistance
  • Temporary works or propping is minimised or eliminated
  • Can replace block work or act as shear walls

We work closely with your lift supplier to ensure that all components are accurately positioned, including channels and recesses.

FP McCann’s lift shafts can be built from 1200mm each way up to 2750mm, in increments of 50mm. Wall thickness starts at 150mm, but this can be increased to 200mm or 250mm.

Our standard lift design supports all loading from the lift equipment during installation, operation and maintenance. The lift shaft can also be designed to support vertical loads from other structural elements such as beams and slabs.

We use a water-resisting concrete admixture to cast the lift pit sections, to protect against water ingress.

Lift shafts that are at least 4 storeys high may need to be restrained at intervals moving up the building, assumed to be achieved by tying back to the main structure. If shafts are to be erected ahead of the main structure, it may be necessary to provide temporary support.

Single Lift Shaft

Single Lift Shafts are an easily assembled modular solution. This is carried out when concrete sections are stacked individually on top of each other and in turn, will reduce any on-site time and cost restraints.

Our Lift Shafts are manufactured by our experienced factory operatives to the highest standard and fully comply with all relevant safety regulations and standards. We aim to design our Lift Shafts for minimal health and safety issues along with any environmental impacts that may be caused.

Twin Shaft

After achieving great success with our Standard Lift Shaft, FP McCann has designed and now offer our new Twin Lift Shaft.

The Twin Lift Shaft uses the same high-quality manufacturing and design standards that can be seen with our Standard Lift Shaft System.

Each Twin Shaft will encompass a unit integrating two individual compartments side by side.


Triple Shaft

To accompany our Twin Shaft System we can now also offer a Triple Shaft System.

As with our Standard Lift Shaft and Twin Shaft FP McCann offer all the same high-quality manufacturing and design standards. The Triple Shaft will encompass a unit integrating three individual compartments side by side.