Project Description

FP McCann’s Prestressed Horizontal Concrete Panels utilised on South Pickenham Estate Grain Stores

Status: Completed

Location: Norfolk

Division: Agriculture, Walling

Main Contractor: Thurlow Nunn Standen

Market Sector: Commercial

Prestressed Horizontal Concrete Panels utilised on South Pickenham Estate Grain Stores

FP McCann’s Lydney precast depot has recently supplied in excess of 300 horizontal precast conrete walling panels for the construction of two high capacity grain stores on Grange Farm, part of the Norfolk located South Pickenham Estate.

The overall storage capacity will help the estate to benefit from optimum market conditions in that it ensures more than a season’s harvest can be held on stock.

Since the lifespan  of the grain can be significantly increased when it’s stored in the right environment: dry, aerated and at a low, regulated temperature, the new facility will not only enable the farm to get the best possible prices for its own harvest but it will offer additional storage and drying to other local farms and estates. The two stores are capable of holding up to 22,500 tonnes of grain and have been designed and project managed by the Specialist Installation Division of Thurlow Nunn Standen Ltd (TNS), a family business involved in agricultural construction projects since the 1970’s.

Each of the new sheds spans 22.0 metres wide by 91.0 metres long and can be loaded to 6 metres surcharge. FP McCann’s 200mm thick horizontal prestressed concrete walling panels supplied from Lydney, have been installed around the internal perimeter of both buildings to a height of 6 metres. In total 156 panels have been fitted in each grain store along with 12 removable door panels engineered and manufactured in conjunction with TNS’s innovative removable centre post system, designed to facilitate the structural performance of a full span bottom panel. Incorporated into the doorway system are two pressure release gates.

Work was completed before the first loads of grain were unloaded into the sheds at the start of July. The facility is capable of loading at a rate of 120 tonnes per hour with the new drier reducing moisture to a storable level 15% at a rate of 75 tonnes per hour.

Commenting on the horizontal panels, Jeremy Nunn, Director of Thurlow Nunn Standen says, “We went to a lot of trouble with FP McCann to ensure that the panel design was suitable for the application with particular reference to quality and appearance. The final product and quality of installation has exceeded both ours and the clients expectations and we look forward to putting what we have both learnt to further use on more joint projects.”

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