Project Description

FP McCann Supply and Install Precast Concrete Engine Housing at Hartlepool Electricity Generation Plant

Project: Gas Fired Engine Housing – Hartmoor Electricity Generation Plant, Hartlepool

Client: Clarke Energy (On behalf of National Grid)

Installation Contractor: FP McCann

Products Supplied: Steel Reinforced Precast Concrete Walls and Roof Slabs


FP McCann has recently completed a supply and installation package involving the construction of a specialist precast concrete engine housing structure at Hartmoor Electricity Generation Plant, located five kilometres to the North West of Hartlepool.

Sited as part of the National Grid network, the new integral building comprises 11 separate engine compartments, each one housing a gas fired engine designed in total to generate 4.5 megawatt of electricity (MWe) Each engine will be fuelled by natural gas and will have an aggregated thermal input of 30MW (approx. 3MWth for each engine). The power plant will supply electrical power on a short term basis, meeting peak demand within the electrical distribution network

The Hartmoor electricity generation plant is the latest such construction of a number of similar schemes that FP McCann has undertaken on behalf of Liverpool based Clarke Energy, a multi-national specialist in distributed power generation solutions. The layout of each plant in general involves standardised precast concrete steel reinforced wall and roof slab panels which allow for speed of construction and consistency in build quality throughout each project.

Manufactured at FP McCann’s Byley plant in Cheshire, 150 individual precast units were supplied and installed over a 14 day period by FP McCann’s sub-contract fixing team. Each of the 89 wall panels is 3960mm high and ranging from lengths 1630mm to 5090mm. 12 Front wall units have openings cast in for man access and for gas fired engine installation. Within each engine housing is an internal control room again constructed with precast concrete walls measuring 2100mm id x 1500mm id. 61 individual reinforced precast concrete roof slabs each 250mm thick complete the build, a number of which have access openings with 50mm upstands.

Speaking on behalf of Clarke Energy, Kevin Barrett, Project Manager, says, “We have employed the FP McCann team to undertake work on a number of power generation projects that involve the building of such structures integral to the operation of each power plant. In all cases the general ‘off-the-shelf’ standardisation of the precast wall panels and roof slabs, gives us the confidence that a low maintenance robust housing system is in place.”

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