Project Description

FP McCann StormCleanser™ Used as Part of Surface Water Treatment Requirement on Norfolk Housing Development

Status: Completed

Division: Drainage & Water Management

Main Contractor: DS Watson Civil Engineering

Market Sector: Housing

FP McCann has supplied two 1200mm diameter pre-fitted StormCleanser™ systems to a new housing scheme in Martham, Norfolk. The hydrodynamic separators are integral to the online site drainage network and are designed to provide an additional and appropriate treatment stage as part of the SuDS management train for surface water prior to it being discharged from site.

Norfolk based Housebuilder Cripps Developments, are building 80 properties on the site and have employed the services of local civils ground worker DS Watson Civil Engineering for the construction of roads and drainage. Part of the environmental conditions of the drainage scheme is to minimise the washout of contaminants from site including floatables such as paper and plastics and retained sediment.FP McCann’s StormCleanser™ is an independently approved (WRc) hydrodynamic separator. It is designed and factory fitted as part of a standard precast concrete water management chamber and delivered to site for simple installation by the groundworks team. The stainless steel vortex insert has no moving parts and provides exceptional longevity of service due to its high corrosion resistance.

Surface rainwater and any pollutants enter the chamber via the inlet pipe where the internal layout then enables low energy vortex flow patterns to form. This allows floatable materials to gather at the top of the system and heavier sediment to settle at the bottom of the treatment chamber for removal by standard gully suction equipment. A baffle plate located above the sediment storage sump prevents the re-suspension of solids.

Commenting on StormCleanser™, Daniel Smith Managing Director of DS Watson says, “The use of hydrodynamic separators as part of the online drainage network design on residential developments is becoming more and more apparent as the environmental demands to channel contaminant free surface water from site increases. FP McCann’s StormCleanser™ is a simple to install, robust unit that sits comfortably within the online drainage network.”

StormCleanser™ can be installed in precast concrete drainage chambers ranging from 1200mm dia up to 4000mm dia accommodating pipe diameters from 150mm up to 900mm. Modular and bespoke designs are available for multiple inlet orientation with a choice of flow direction providing optimum configuration performance.

For further information on FP McCann’s Drainage solutions, contact the team at Ellistown on 01530 240000 or the team at Knockloughrim on 028 7954 9026 or email