Project Description

FP McCann Precast Concrete CSO Panel Tank Installed On Scottish Water Wastewater Scheme

Status: Completed

Location: Glasgow

Division: Stormstore™

Main Contractor: aBV (a joint venture of Amey and Black & Veatch)

Market Sector: Water


Scottish Water’s alliance partner aBV (a joint venture of Amey and Black & Veatch) has recently installed a precast concrete combined sewer overflow (cso) chamber designed and manufactured by FP McCann at their Uddingston factory.

The aBV joint-venture is responsible for delivering key parts of Scottish Water’s £250 million wastewater infrastructure programme to create a modern sustainable drainage network alleviating flooding across the Greater Glasgow area and improving the environment and biodiversity on the River Clyde and its tributaries. Work on the five-year investment programme started in 2014.

Scottish Water’s major investment has seen upgrades to around 200 Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) on the River Clyde, the River Kelvin and White Cart Water at a cost of £105 million.

The FP McCann CSO chamber has been installed in Cressy Street in the Govan area of Glasgow. The tank weighing in excess of 100 tonnes, measures 6.425 metres long by 4.100 metres wide and is made up of 6 individual steel-reinforced precast concrete wall panels jointed to form a watertight chamber. Each wall panel is 400mm thick by 4.6 metres high. Two 400mm deep roof slabs each measuring 4.1 metres wide by 3.2 metres long complete the tank. Three manhole access points have been cast into the roof slabs. Additional features on the tank include an internal precast weir wall and three openings on the tank walls to accommodate inlet and outlet pipe sizes DN1350, DN1200 and DN750.

The tank walls are tied by rebar into a 400mm thick base slab of C40 steel mesh reinforced concrete.

Installation was undertaken by aBV contractors over a period of 1 week, commencing 30th May 2019.

Commenting on the CSO chamber build, Ally Harrison of aBV says, “A precast concrete panel tank fitted the design brief perfectly for this particular CSO chamber construction. The tank walling units together with the weir wall and cover slabs were quickly positioned, fixed and jointed to provide the watertight chamber.”

FP McCann’s 100-year design life multi-purpose panel tanks can be installed up to 6 metres high with no footprint size limitation and are designed for pedestrian loading through to LM1 highway loading. Internal design features can be added such as weir and baffle walls and penstocks or flap-valves can be pre-installed. Typical uses include:-

  • Attenuation Tank
  • StormBrake™ Chambers
  • Pumping Stations
  • Large CSO Chambers
  • ASP Structures
  • Basements
  • Clean Water Storage Tank