Project Description


Johnny McCollum – Northern Ireland

028 7954 9045

Trevor Beddow – Great Britain

01530 240000

Michael Hassan – Republic Of Ireland

07809 553040

Gary Donnelly – Scotland

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The Flexi-Fit pipe seal is a time and cost-saving solution for fitting lateral (or branch) pipes into larger concrete pipes, manholes, junctions, catch pits or other concrete structures, at the time of casting or retro-fitting into a cored hole.

The seal uses three component parts to adjust the internal size depending on the lateral pipe material being fitted. The user can simply remove components to increase the internal diameter of the seal. All components conform to the latest standards for below ground applications.

Due to the universal nature of the Flexi-Fit means, any DN150 lateral pipe with outside diameters between 158mm to 178mm can be fitted. Therefore, Flexi-Fit removes the need to purchase and store multiple seals and adaptors for different pipe materials. As a result, this simplifies project planning and supports specification changes.

Benefits of Flexi-Fit Pipe Seal


  • A single product, universal solution
  • Removes the need for adaptors
  • Install within seconds
  • Cast into concrete during manufacture or cored and retro-fit
  • Configuration can be altered in seconds
  • Watertight connection for any DN150 Lateral*
  • Smooth transition and level invert through to the connecting structure
  • Integral product pipe stop removes the possibility of lateral intrusion
  • Independently tested to over 1 bar pressure on all adoptable laterals

* Will not fit Naylor Clay pipes (>179mm)