Project Description


Patrick Sexton – Great Britain

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Gary Donnelly – Scotland

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High strength, combined with a high degree of flexibility and a range of integrated fittings, makes filter bed wall units a durable, engineered solution for a wide range of projects.

FP McCann’s precast concrete filter bed walls are available in a  variety of heights. They are manufactured using sulphate-resisting cement, with a minimum concrete strength of 60N/mm² at 28 days. Utilising fibreglass moulds, the wall has a formed finish to all visible faces of the units, with the internal face receiving a simple textured finish.

Design Flexibility

The design flexibility of the system means that services such as inlets, washouts and peripheral drainage, or other special features can be accommodated. Walls are designed to be free-standing. Within the design parameters, figures-of-eight and clusters are acceptable. Please refer to our technical department with regards to external mounding and media infill.

Product Data

  • Concrete: Min 60 N/mm²
  • SR cement, generally ex-fibre glass mould finish, brush finish to the unformed face

Remedial Filter Bed Walls

Where existing walls are cracked, decayed or have failed, FP McCann can provide a full survey and design a tailored quotation with proposed remedial measures.

The design of the system allows cracked or collapsed walls to be surrounded quickly and economically. Also, existing walls can be increased in height.

Generally, the beds will remain operational whilst the work is carried out, with disruption kept to a minimum; thus avoiding the high cost of rebuilding. This remedial service is available anywhere in the UK.