Project Description

FP-McCann-precast-concrete-solid-cable-trough-lid-header CABLE TROUGH LIDS


Gavin Coleman – Great Britain

07841 639982

Gary Donnelly – Scotland

07989 348045

FP McCann provides three types of flush fitting cable trough lids/covers supplied in either reinforced precast concrete, GRP composite or steel tray. All lids are rated in accordance with the loading groups specified in BS EN 124.

All concrete and steel composite covers have cast-in lifting sockets. If required, GRP covers can also have lifting slots.

Locking devices are available for lids to give added security. Sealed units prevent water ingress.


*Cable Trough Lid Dimensions

Trough Lid Installation

Installation Options

You can install cable trough lids in two ways, as shown in the diagrams below: