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The traditional beam and block flooring system involves laying precast, prestressed concrete floor beams across or between walls which are then infilled with concrete blocks.

FP McCann manufactures 150mm deep concrete floor beams which come in two widths – 110mm and 168mm. Spans of up to 7 metres can be achieved, depending on loading conditions.

This dry construction method can be used to produce high-quality economic ground and upper floors in residential and other building types.

Our quotations will stipulate the number and type of blocks required to complete the floor. Precast concrete floor beams are available on a supply only or a supply and fix basis.

Did you know that 75% of ground floors now utilise beam and block of some form? This could either be with a concrete block or a polystyrene panel.

Key Benefits

  • Free quotations available.
  • Concrete block and poly panel solutions available
  • Lead-in times of 3-10 working days from receipt of order.

To find out more about your local beam and block flooring stockists, please contact our Weston Underwood office on 01335 361269. We cater for all types of projects, ranging from extensions to large housing sites.

Beam & Polystyrene Panel Flooring

FP McCann offers a choice of two energy-efficient beam and polystyrene panel systems, outlined below.

Top Sheet System

Our top sheet flooring system incorporates a polystyrene panel which sits within the depth of the floor beam, as well as including an overboard top sheet to sit on top of the floor. U-values of 0.11 W/m²K or better can be achieved with our top sheet system. This system is easier to install than the undercloaking system, creates very minimal waste and has been tested to allow block partitions to be built off the floor.

Undercloaking System

We also supply an undercloaking system which incorporates one panel that fits within the floor beam depth, as well as falling beneath the level of the beam to allow for complete thermal coverage. U-values from 0.08 W/m²K or better can be achieved utilising the undercloaking system. This system has been around over 10 years now and is well known by the majority of installers. It offers a wider range in U-values and only requires ‘one fix’ when it comes to infilling with polystyrene as no top sheet is required.