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Samuel Gilliland – Northern Ireland

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The traditional beam and block flooring system involves laying precast, prestressed concrete beams across or between walls which are then infilled with concrete blocks.

FP McCann manufactures 178mm deep floor beams, with a width of 106mm and spans of up to 4 metres can be achieved, depending on loading conditions. This dry construction method can be used to produce high-quality economic ground and upper floors in residential and other building types. Our quotations will stipulate the number and type of blocks required to complete the floor. Beams are available on a supply only or a supply and fix basis.

Did you know that 75% of ground floors now utilise beam and block of some form? This could either be with a concrete block or a polystyrene panel.

Key Benefits

  • Free quotations available.
  • Helps to eliminate problems associated with soil heave and shrinkage
  • Excellent acoustic performance and fire resistance properties

To find out more about our precast T Beam flooring products, please contact Coote’s Quarry and Precast Factory on 028 3755 1126.