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Trowel Ready Mortar

  •  FP-McCann-Ready-Mix-Concrete-Trowel-Ready-Mortar

Improve your efficiency by simplifying the job

We can deliver to your site in quantities of minimum 1m³ ready to use mortar with a 12 hour, 24 hour or 36 hour life usage, depending on weather conditions. The use of trowel ready mortar will improve your efficiency through: 

  • Reduction of labour requirements
  • Better control of material on site
  • More uniform consistent mixes
  • Less wastage of sand, cement, mortar mix 

Using a 10mm building joint you will require approximately 1.5 tonnes of trowel-ready mortar to build 1000 x 100mm solid concrete blocks.   


  • 25mm thickness – 1 tonne will cover 20 square metres
  • 12mm thickness – tres

10mm thickness – 1 tonne will cover 50 square metres. 10mm ready mix dashing also available – 1 tonne will cover 50/60 square metres approximately.