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FP McCann TroughLite
FP McCann has developed a lightweight C series precast troughing system by utilising proven lightweight concrete technology that was traditionally used when manufacturing precast fencing products. The lightweight Trough-Lite system has the same dimensions as the company’s traditional products, so that two systems are fully compatible. Trough-Lite reduces the concerns associated with manual handling due to a weight reduction of up to 30% when compared to standard concrete.
FP McCann’s TroughLite system is authorised by the Network Rail Acceptance Panel (NRAP) to be used on railway infrastructure for which Network Rail is the Infrastructure Manager.
Certificate of Acceptance Number: PA05/06217
Trough-Lite is a cost effective lightweight product that is up to 50% cheaper than alternative lightweight products currently available. This lightweight solution offers additional benefits including:
• Network Rail Approved
• Full range of approved C/1 products available
• Faster installation
• Fire resistant
• Weather resistant
• Sulphur resistant
• Resilient
• Dependable
• Dependable
• Up 30% lighter when compared to traditional systems
• Lower on-site labour costs
• Reduction in transportation costs
• Reduced carbon footprint and increased sustainability, as the concrete mix
uses over 50% recycled content