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Surfacing Products

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Black Chip Ashphalt

Hot Rolled Asphalt       

FP McCann Surfacing Hot Rolled Asphalt

Hot Rolled Ashphalt when laid, is an impermeable and durable surface. It is manufactured using a blend of sand, crushed rock aggregate, limestone filler and bitumen binder. Asphalt is used for a wide range of surfacing applications from road construction, footways, commercial premises, car-parks, driveways and agricultural sites such as silo floors. The material can be machine laid or hand laid as each situation merits with pre-coated chippings rolled into the surface. These pre-coated chippings come in various sizes and colours such as black, red and grey granite to give a decorative effect.


FP McCann Surfacing Bitmacs

Bitmacs are made up of a blend of differing sizes of aggregates bound together with a bitumen binder to give an interlocking matrix which in itself provides material strength. Bitmacs are used at all stages of road, car-park, footway, and driveway construction and provide a quick and simple solution to most surfacing needs.


McCannphalt Thin Surfacing System

FP McCann Surfacing McCannphalt Thin Surfacing System

McCannphalt Thin surfacing System comprises of a blend of graded coarse and fine aggregates, limestone filler and polymer modified bitumen. The 14mm system can be laid at depths between 25mm and 40mm and the 10mm system can be laid at depths between 18mm and 40mm. When laid, both systems provide a highly durable surface which is highly resistant to deformation, cracking and moisture damage. Both systems provide a smooth and quiet running surface which is highly beneficial in built up and residential locations.

Surfacing Dressing

FP McCann Surfacing Surfacing Dressing
Surface dressing is a cheap, cost effective method of sealing an existing surface to prevent the ingress of water into the sub structure and therefore arresting the deterioration of a surface. It also improves the surface skid resistance and reduces spray, which may help to reduce accidents.
FP McCann has over 15 years experience in the laying of surface dressing and are accredited with sector Scheme 13A for Surface Dressing. We currently hold two Maintenance contracts with DRD Road Service in Northern Ireland, Northern Division for surface dressing and in a typical season would complete up to 1.5 million square meters between May and July.