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Structural Solutions

  • FP McCann Precast Concrete Architectural and Structural  Solutions

At FP McCann we believe in working with you as a partner from the start, which means offering our expertise in designing and manufacturing rooms to suit your every individual project. Far from being an ‘off the shelf’ solution, our structural solutions are ‘made to measure’ whilst maintaining our design philosophies and standard details.
Precast concrete crosswall construction is a fast, convenient way to produce multi-unit structures such as hotels, education, student, secure and health accommodation, private and social housing in a fraction of the time of traditionally built structures.
It has all the advantages of a factory engineered system, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality assured production and provides a highly flexible layout.
It can be tailored to meet the needs of the client, architect, engineer and builder.
All units are manufactured off-site at our Byley and Grantham depots and are delivered to site ready for final preparation and decoration. All sections are designed for ease of construction, fitting together to conform fully with building and structural regulations. Also, since the windows are fixed, internal trades can commence work far earlier than on a traditional-build site. All this to ensure peace of mind for you when you partner with us.
The Concept of Crosswall Construction
The concept of crosswall is uncomplicated, unlike the conventional building process where one trade has to follow on after the other; this system allows the main structure to be completed very quickly.
Once the foundations are laid, the speed of construction takes over. FP McCann’s pre-formed units, including all walls and floors and a flat slab concrete roof, provide an enclosed weathertight working area.
The main load-bearing structure is completed within weeks and protected from the weather. If required, fully fitted-out bathroom pods can be incorporated during this stage.
All follow-on trades can be scheduled to commence simultaneously. Roof, brickwork, window, services and floor screed subcontractors all work together to drastically reduce the time required to complete the final construction.
Why Structural Precast Solutions?
  • Fair faced walls and ceilings
  • Acoustics
  • Speed of construction
  • Follow on trades
  • Bathroom pods / rebate in floor slab to accommodate
  • Safe access
  • Progressive collapse
Why concrete?

We use precast concrete because it is the best material for the job. Apart from its obvious strength, it is also resistant to corrosion, abrasion, impact and weathering. Factory production using a high-strength mix with a low water/cement ratio followed by intensive compaction and controlled curing guarantees a dense, durable and fire-resistant product.
Why precast?

The benefits of precast concrete as opposed to site-cast are many:
  • Factory-made products mean rational and efficient manufacturing processes, with skilled staff carrying out the work in a controlled environment with tight quality surveillance
  • Materials are accurately batched, moulds are reused and there is little if any waste
  • Shorter construction time, typically less than half of conventional in-situ concrete 
  • Construction can continue in cold weather down to –20°C 
  • Greater structural efficiency with longer spans and shallower construction depths – made possible by prestressing during manufacture –  offering both flexibility and extended lifetime of buildings
  • Thanks to the high initial quality, fire resistance up to two hours can be achieved.


For all structural enquiries, contact our Byley office on 01606 843500.