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StormCleanser™ - Hydrodynamic Separator

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FP McCann, Hydrodynamic Separator


FP McCann have designed and developed a new range of Hydrodynamic Separators called StormCleanser™ for the treatment of urban catchment stormwater run-off.  The Hydrodynamic Separator provides a cost effective solution for designers, engineers and contractors involved in the provision of sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS).  The unit has no moving parts, requires no power and is constructed within standard precast reinforced concrete chamber rings. All internal flow components are manufactured in GRP ensuring long life performance.

Independent Testing
FP McCann’s StormCleanser™ (1200mm diameter model) has been independently tested by WRc at their research and development centre and achieved excellent total solids and hydrocarbon removal at design flow rates.
Total solid removal rates ranging from 85% to 92% have been recorded. The system is also effective in the removal of hydrocarbons, litter and other stormwater debris.
StormCleanser™ has demonstrated high level removal rates when design flows were exceeded. A summary of the WRc test results are available from FP McCann, on request.
The StormCleanser™ is specifically designed to remove suspended solids, hydrocarbons and floatable debris from the stormwater run-off. Water and pollutants enter the system via the inlet pipe and launder channel arrangement.
Low energy vortex flow patterns allow the floatables to gather and solids to settle to the bottom of the treatment chamber for subsequent removal.
Re-suspension of the solids is minimised by provision of a GRP baffle plate positioned above the solids storage sump. Floatable debris is retained within the Hydrodynamic Separator allowing easy access for suction cleansing. Stormwater surges in excess of the maximum flow rate, overflow a weir, bypass the treatment zone and directly discharge through the outlet pipe. This helps to minimize the effects of scour within the treatment compartment and optimises the performance of the Hydrodynamic Separator.
  • WRc tested and easy to install and maintain
  • Effectively removes and treats wide flow range
  • Complies with SuDS legislation
  • Cost effective downstream defense mechanism
  • Housing Developments
  • Retail Parks
  • Commercial Centres
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Industrial Developments
  • Highway Drainage Products
  • Car Parks, Roads, Motorways and Trafficked Areas
  • Existing surface water sewer discharges
  • Sustainable Urban Drainge Schemes