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Terms of Sale

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All quotations are subject to the terms and conditions outlined below.

1- The customer is responsible for the removal of all weeds, moss, etc and the spraying of weedkiller

2- The customer should ensure that the area to be surfaced is sound, free of debris, mud and soft spots before work commences.  This company accepts no responsibility for ensuring the structural soundness of any foundation or sub base which has not been laid directly by this company immediately prior to surfacing or any failure of the sub-base or surfacing due to insufficient foundations.  In laying a bituminous product over any existing surface , as requested by a Client, this company, by its actions, has not deemed the underlying surface/foundation to be acceptable. 

3- The customer should read and fully understand the notice below - “Physical Appearance of Asphalt”.

4- The customer or a representative is required to be in attendance on the day that Asphalt is laid to approve the rate of chippings.

5- The customer should ensure that on the day the surfacing is to commence, all obstructions are removed from the area to be surfaced ie cars, vans etc.

6- This quotation is based on no retention monies being held and in lieu of any deduction of retention monies , we guarantee all aspects of our work for this contract against latent defects.

7- This company does not accept any responsibility for water ponding as a result of inadequate falls to accommodate drainage of the final surface.

8-  Based on the information available at tender stage, rates are based on the whole of the works being completed in one visit to site during normal working hours, Monday to Friday. Any works required by the main contractor outside normal working hours shall be subject to a surcharge of 30% of the tendered rates. Any additional site visits required to complete the works will be charged at £350.00  per visit.


Physical Appearance of Asphalt 

a- Some slight variations in colour and texture may become apparent as the Bitmac cools. This is not a failure on the part of this product.  Variations in colour and texture can be caused by a number of factors – different methods of laying (hand work / machine work) and different methods of compaction (plate compactors / vibrating rollers etc.).

b- The majority of driveways are chipped manually and therefore have to be walked on whilst chipping is in progress, this may result in localised depressions (footprints etc) on the surface of the asphalt which are usually eliminated when compaction is complete.

c- Every effort is made to ensure uniformity when chipping Asphalt wearing course by ‘hand’ but some slight ‘grouping’ of chips may be apparent.

d- Small cracks may appear on the surface, these do not affect the overall performance of Asphalt and are visible on major roadworks and private driveways alike.

e- Joints between ‘mats’ are not invisible.

f- After surfacing, the base of houses, walls etc. may need to be repainted as it is necessary for all paving / compaction equipment to be in close proximity to all adjacent structures etc. This is the Client’s responsibility.