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Ready Mix Products

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Ready Mix Concrete Installation


FP McCann produces quality concrete for a wide range of applications. All concrete is quality assured and developed specific for purpose.

FP McCann supply ready mix concrete to a number of end users which include:
  • Industrial / Civil
  • Commercial / DIY
  • Agricultural 
Products vary in design according to application. Application includes foundations, kerbs, paving and flooring. Use the FP McCann Ready Mix Selector and Calculator tool to choose the appropriate concrete.

Ready Mix Concrete Products

Ready Mix Designated Mixes

FP McCann Ready Mix Concrete Designated Mixes

Ready Mix Nominal Mixes

FP McCann Ready Mix Concrete Nominal Mixes

Ready Mix Strength Mixes 

FP McCann Ready Mix Concrete Strength Mixes

Ready Mix Cold Weather Mixes


Ready Mix Screed Mixes

FP McCann Ready Mix Concrete Screed Mixes