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Ready Mix Calculator Notes:

When calculating an area to be covered in Ready Mix concrete that isn’t square it is often necessary to carry out some additional calculations from the basic shapes. Most areas can be calculated from either one or a combination of the following basic shapes. These shapes can be used to construct more complex shaped areas by breaking the area down into a combination of the shapes and adding them together.

  1. Square / Rectangle
    Area = length x width x height
  2. Right-angled triangles
    Area = ½ Base x height x width
  3. Circle
    Area = π x radius²

    = 3.142 x (radius x radius)
  4. Quarter Circle
    Area = π x radius²

This section is meant as a guide only; for complex calculation on the area of concrete required FP McCann offer a take-off service whereby an area sales representative can visit your business, home or other premises. Please contact FP McCann for more information.

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