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Easi-Flow Liquid Floor Screed

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Ready Mix Concrete, Easi-Flow Installation
FP McCann manufacture's Easi-Flow Liquid Floor Screed, a specially formulated calcium sulphate self levelling floor screed. 
Liquid floor screeds have many obvious benefits over traditional screed, however the main benefits are seen when used with under floor heating systems.  Liquid screed fully encapsulate the heating pipes without voids and need only to cover the pipes by 25mm, resulting in a much more responsive heating system which in turn is more economical to run.
Benefits over Traditional Sand & Cement Screed:
  • Maximises under floor heating performance
  • Quicker to lay
  • Reduced drying out times
  • Enables earlier start date for follow on trades due to reduction in drying time
  • Less labour intensive/improved Health & Safety benefits
  • Thinner screed depth
  • Produced from recycled and sustainable materials
  • Lower shrinkage
  • Apply up to 1000m2 per day
  • Maximise insulation thickness
  • Reduced load bearing due to thinner screed depth