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Cold Weather Mixes

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Ready Mix Concrete
With regard to the extreme weather conditions we have encountered over the past few winters, we would remind our customers of the following British Standards (BS 8500) recommendations in respect of concrete mixes for paving of yards and lanes.

Recommended cold weather mixes are:

  • PAV 1 (C30N air entrained concrete for yards and lanes)
  • PAV 2 (C35N air entrained concrete for yards and lanes)
  • Minimum 50N concrete
PAV1 and PAV2 air entrained concrete mixes are recommended only where a tamped finish is used. They are not suitable for power-floated or brushed finishes. If a power-floated or brushed finish is to be adopted, then minimum 50N concrete is recommended.

Additional Protective Measures

There are additional protective measures which may be taken to help minimise the effect off frost on concrete. These include the use of
  • Fibremesh
  • Superplasticiser
We recommend that during spells of cold weather de icing salts are not used on concrete as this will cause damage to the concrete due to the freeze thaw cycle.