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  • FP-McCann-Precast-Walling-Safety-Barrier-Pyra-bloc-Trademarked
Pyra-Bloc is a modular precast concrete safety barrier unit consisting of four 1-metre square pyramids with interlocking connectors. Its unique design will prevent vehicle movement, as vehicles will become impaled whilst trying to drive over them.

Pyra-Bloc™ contains cast-in lifting points for ease of handling and installation. Products are manufactured to comply with the requirements of BS EN 1992-1-1:2004.

Product Applications

  • Airports
  • Factories
  • Power stations
  • Service Stations
  • Sub-stations

Product benefits

  • Durable – has a design life of 60+ years
  • Simplistic and quick installation, including four integral lifting points
  • Interlocking design for easy alignment and added security
  • Smooth impervious surface which is easily washed down
  • Operational under power failure conditions

Pyra-Bloc™ Dimensions