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Prestressed Horizontal Panels

  • FP McCann Precast Walling Pre-stressed Horizontial Panels
FP McCann Prestressed Horizontal Panels
FP McCann’s prestressed horizontal panels allow you to construct walls quickly and efficiently with the future-proof option of
re-siting, if required; providing the ideal solution where the adaptability of buildings is important. Our wall panels are manufactured using prestressing wires and a C45/55 concrete, which gives them in-built strength and resilience.
Product Benefits:
  • Tongue and grooved joints for easy alignment and positive sealing
  • Smooth impervious surface which is easily washed down
  • Prestressed panels absorb minor accidental damage
  • More cost-effective – more versatile than blockwork
  • Tailor-made lengths and a variety of widths
  • Simplistic and quick installation
  • No foundation required
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Stability and Durability
FP McCann's pre-stressed panels are highly resistant to accidental damage, as they have the ability to flex on impact when normal block walls would crack. Panels are easily removed and re-sited within the existing farm plant,  providing flexibility to change a configuration of the structure as the client’s future needs evolve.
Considerable wall heights can be achieved through stacking horizontal panels (spanning between columns or fixed within the walls).  Various panel heights are available including 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm; these can be mixed and matched according to the client’s requirements.
This system is particularly useful for raising internal and external ground levels in or around a building frame, or for King post applications to retain an earth bank.
Connected to the building frame by transmitting the load against stanchions, these panels are held in place with bolts and cleats and do not require foundations.
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