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Rail Platform Copings

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FP McCann, Rail Platform Copings
FP McCann is an approved manufacturer and supplier of platform copings to Network Rail and London Underground specifications. Copings are manufactured in full accordance with the requirements of NR/L3/CIV/030 and are accredited as conforming to the pendulum test slip resistance requirements of BS EN 13036-4.
Network Rail copings are available in two industry approved sizes 930x760x100 and 1219x914x100. Network Rail dual copings are available in two industry approved sizes 930x1160x100 and 930x1260x100. Requests for non-standard product sizes and colours can be accommodated. London Underground nosing slabs are available from stock.
Product Benefits:
  • Manufactured to NWR specification
  • Meets NR/L3/CIV/030 requirements
  • A one piece unit consisting of a standard coper unit combined with contrasting colour tactile section
  • Available with optional pre-painted white and/or yellow lines factory applied for visual warning, saving time and labour on site, with obvious benefits in health and safety
  • Available with optional cast-in lifting inserts to aid installation
  • Available with grit blasted or acid etched finish as standard
  • One piece unit not only saves time during installation, but avoids the problems associated with joining coping and tactile units, such as trip hazards, de-bonding during temperature fluctuations and freeze/thaw exposure
  • Reduced whole life costs due to the reduced maintenance and serviceability required with one piece units

FP McCann Precast Concrete Railway Dual Platform Coping


For more information on our coping please download our Railway brochure