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Filter Bed Tiles

  • FP-McCann-Precast-Concrete-Filter-Bed-Tiles
Filter Bed Wall and Tile System
Relatively light, very strong and easy to lay, perforated concrete floor tiles are a major advance on traditional clay tiling. They are designed to maintain all outflow requirements.
The tiles are manufactured using sulphate resistant cement, with a mix which gives a minimum concrete strength of 60N/mm2 at 28 days. With maximum drainage outflow, outlet channels in the floor up to 600mm can to be spanned; the well proven tiling system allows for total coverage in any shaped bed (circular, figure of eight, square or rectangular).
Project specific drawings are provided to show layout of tiles, and can be installed either by the customer or by FP McCann.
Made for strength and durability, the tiles are capable of carrying higher than normal design loading. Their configuration makes them far more resistant to damage and moving during media placement than traditional tiles.
  • Concrete strength: min 60N/mm2
  • SR cement, generally ex-fibre glass mould finish, plain finish on top
  • 10 mm granite aggregate: 1171kg/m3
  • Water cement ratio: 0.45
Laying the tiles on a concrete base is fast and efficient. Two men can lay at the rate of approximately 30m2 per hour. Each 55kg tile covers an area of 0.5m2, giving a large amount of coverage per tile. The tiles can also be machine laid with a vac-pad or by using a fork with modified tongs.