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Manhole Cover Slabs

  •  FP McCann-Precast-Concrete-Drainage-Precast-Manhole-Cover Slabs
  • FP McCann Precast Concrete Drainage Manhole Cover Slabs
FP McCann manhole cover slabs are available in sizes DN900 to DN4000. They are heavy duty, reinforced concrete slabs and act as a platform to cap the manhole chamber as well as to provide a base for any regulating brickwork prior to finishing with the manhole lid. They are also referred to as 'reducing slabs' as they reduce the access point opening size into the chamber. Landing slabs in sizes DN1500 to DN3000 are typically used in deeper manholes, limiting the depth to a maximum of 6 metres at any point, providing a safe landing or resting platform at such intervals.












Landing Slabs



Cover Slab sizes 900-3000 are manufactured in accordance with BS 5911-3. DN3600 and 4000 cover slabs are generally designed in accordance with BS EN 1992-1-1, (for 30 units of Type HB loading, can also be designed to withstand 45 units of Type HB loading).
* Weights for DN3600 and DN4000 are estimated weights based on solid slabs.