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DN4000 Manhole Chamber

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FP McCann DN4000 Manhole Chamber

The DN4000 manhole chamber section can be used in a variety of applications to include the following:

FP McCann Precast Concrete Drainage DN400 Manhole Chamber

The DN4000 chamber ring is supplied with standard tongue and groove joint, connecting bolts and butyl rubber sealant for jointing purposes. The units are designed for use with the FP McCann ladder system. Single units (half ring) are lifted using 3 number threaded lifting loops which locate into threaded lifting sockets, cast into the units, all of which must be used. Assembled units (full ring) are then lifted using 4 number threaded lifting loops. FP McCann provide a technical installation sheet which must be adhered to when installing DN4000 manhole chambers, this is available by clicking here or from our sales team.

The 4 metre chamber section comes as a two part unit, which allows for: ease of transport and handling.
Heavy duty cover slabs are manufactured in two sections, supplied with standard openings.  Please contact a member of our technical team for HB loading specification which complies with British Standard 5400: Part 2.
For special opening cover slabs an engineering drawing may be required in order to achieve desired loading.
Cover slabs are manufactured in two sections, supplied with standard openings. Standard cover slabs are designed to withstand 30 units of Type HB loading, applied in accordance with BS 5911. If required, cover slabs can be designed to withstand 45 units of Type HB loading. For special opening cover slabs, an engineering drawing and steel specification may be required in order to achieve the desired loading requirement.

FP McCann Precast Concrete DRainage DN400 Manhole Chamber