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Anchor System

  • FP McCann-Drainage-and-Water-Management-Anchoring-System
FP McCann Pipe Anchor System Installation

FP McCann’s pipes from DN1350 should be handled using our purpose-built anchor system. Special lifting anchors are cast into pipes at manufacture. A universal head link (available from FP McCann) can then be hooked onto the exposed anchor heads to lift the pipe.

Use the equal lengths (A & B) for lifting the pipe. Join the longer chain (C) onto the pipe already laid and place the shorter length (B) onto the hook. The pipe can then be jointed without moving the jib of the crane. 
Pipe anchor system available from 1350mm diameter upwards (Available in DN1200 in NI only)
1. All dimensions are in mm.
2. Weights in kg are based on a concrete density of 2500kg/m3.
3. Where relevant, pipes are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 1916.
4. Normal practice is to determine left or right branch laterals to the main line by looking up the flow i.e. from the socket end.
5. Right hand or left hand junctions (viewed socket to spigot) should be specified when ordering reduced junctions in pipe diameters DN1350 and above.
6. Lifting chains are not suitable for joining purposes in pipes of diameter DN2400. Joint in the traditional method.
7. Do not install vertical junctions.