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Precast Concrete Lift Shafts

  • FP-McCann-Precast-Concrete-Structural-Lift-Shafts

FP McCann manufactures precast modular lift shafts which can be tailored to suit any project. Since construction is completed off site, the lift shaft can be erected very quickly, which greatly assists the build programme schedule.
Benefits of Precast Concrete Lift Shafts
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Flexible, bespoke modular design - up to 6 storeys high
  • Offsite construction minimises disruption on-site
  • Minimal on-site labour and costs
  • Minimal on-site health and safety risks
  • Cast-in fittings provided for lift installation
  • Factory-fitted and tested lifting beam/ sockets, if required
  • Minimum one hour fire resistance
  • Temporary works or propping is minimised or eliminated
  • Can replace block work 


Working closely with your lift supplier, we can ensure that all components are accurately positioned, including channels and recesses.
FP McCann’s lift shafts can be built to suit any size, 25mm increments are preferable to suit our standard moulds but any size is achievable. They have a standard wall thickness of 140mm, but this can be increased, dependant on design requirements. Other common wall thicknesses are 150mm, 160mm & 200mm.
Our standard lift design supports all loading from the lift equipment during installation, operation and maintenance. The lift shaft can also be designed to support vertical loads from other structural elements such as beams and slabs.
The precast pit section of the lift shaft is covered with a liquid asphalt compound to protect against water ingress.
Shafts that are at least 4 stories high will require tying back to the main structure at every 4th floor to provide lateral restraint. If shafts are to be erected ahead of the main structure, it may be necessary to provide temporary support. Please contact the technical department for more information on 01606 843500.