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Drinking Troughs

  •  FP-McCann-Precast-Concrete-Agricultural-Livestock-Drinking-Troughs

FP McCann offers a range of high-quality precast water troughs for the agricultural sector. Our precast concrete water troughs provide a strong, reliable and quick fit solution for cattle drinking requirements.

Due to the weight of the concrete water troughs, less time is required to fit and install them as they are able to sit under their own weight. Unlike plastic troughs, the robustness of the precast water trough removes the risk of the trough losing shape or being pushed around by livestock.


Benefits of precast concrete drinking troughs:

  • Durable - maintains shape in all conditions and centre core pipe is protected from frost etc.
  • Safe - no sharp edges and centre core pipe is protected from livestock
  • Versatile - can be easily moved to a different location using the correct lifting equipment 
  • Drainage - can be easily drained to allow for cleaning and transportation
  • Indoor or outdoor - the strength of our water troughs means they can be used indoor or outdoor in any weather conditions

Our precast concrete drinking troughs are available in four sizes