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Beam and Block (T Beam) Flooring System

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Precast Concrete, Beam and Block Flooring

FP McCann’s beam & block flooring system (also referred to as T Beam) can be quickly installed to form a suspended floor providing a flat, insulated solid base to build from. Additionally, it helps to eliminate problems associated with soil heave and shrinkage and offers excellent soundproofing, acoustic performance and fire resistance properties. The system also facilitates the designer to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of a dwelling, as well as, providing thermal mass benefits - what’s more it’s squeak-free!

Block and Beam Estimating and Design Service

FP McCann’s Flooring team offer a fast, efficient and comprehensive estimating and design service. This is facilitated by our tailored design software which enables us to carry out project specific designs using all our products. Comprehensive layout drawings and schedules show the length and position for each beam, arrangements of the infill blocks and any supplementary components.

Block and Beam Production

Our production techniques are constantly being updated and developed to increase efficiency, achieve higher quality and assist building designers in realising innovative building designs.

Block and Beam Fire Rating

Precast concrete flooring beams have a rating of either 1/2 hour or 1 hour, depending on beam dimensions (information available on request).


Product is available nationally on either a supply only or a supply and fix basis. Products are manufactured to a ‘Certificate of Conformance’ 084-CPR-408398, which is fully audited by BSI.
Precast Concrete Beam and Block (T Beam) Flooring
FP McCann Precast Concrete Flooring Beam and Block
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