Project Description


The project involved the installation of two 6000 tonne grain silos in Greenore Port for storage of grain shipments coming in and out of the port.

The works included:

  • Excavation for 2no. conveyor tunnels, an inlet pit and an outlet pit
  • Tying reinforcement, setting up of formwork and pouring concrete for tunnel bases and walls, along with pit bases and walls
  • Tying reinforcement, setting formwork and pouring of 2no. 21m diameter silo bases
  • Installing aeration ducts within the main silo bases
  • Installing of power duct track across the port yard
  • Excavation, tying reinforcement, setting formwork and pouring of intake ramp
  • The setting of holding down bolts for silo bin posts within main silo bases
  • All associated concrete reinstatement works