Project Description

FP McCann’s Precast Drainage Systems installed on Cambridgeshire Housing and Community Project

Status: Completed

Location: St Neots, Wintringham

Division: Drainage & Water Management

Main Contractor: Breheny Civil Engineering

Market Sector: Housing


Work has begun at a new housing and community development in Cambridgeshire. Wintringham forms part of the Eastern expansion of St Neots and will eventually see the building of some 2,800 new homes, community facilities, schools and commercial properties. FP McCann, the preferred precast concrete drainage supplier to Breheny, is delivering to site the full package of drainage products from its Ellistown Factory.

Site preparation, including drainage infrastructure, is underway on the first phase of the project which is being managed by one of the landowners and development partners Urban&Civic. Breheny Civil Engineering is responsible for the infrastructure project delivery for the first 1,100 homes, a school and the initial commercial properties on the Wintringham development. The primary enabling works include the connection and enhancing of utilities and services and the installation of the site’s extensive drainage network.FP McCann, the preferred precast concrete drainage supplier to Breheny, is delivering to site the full package of standard spigot and socket pipes, manhole chamber rings and the proprietary pre-formed manhole base unit, Easi-Base™ from its Ellistown factory. Large stocks of pipes and manhole chambers are already in place and over the coming months, with a constant flow of deliveries from FP McCann, the Breheny team will ensure productivity levels are maintained over the expansive area.

To date, FP McCann has delivered pipes ranging from DN300 up to DN1200 diameter and the Easi-Base™ wide wall manhole chamber system from DN1200 up to DN1800.

Additionally, DN2100 and DN2400 standard chamber rings and cover slabs from DN1200 to DN2400 have been supplied. The sealed sump DN1200 catchpit unit is also being utilised on-site.

Breheny is employing the mechanical pipe lifting system to unload and manoeuvre pipes around the site, as well as to place them in trenches. The system, which can be quickly hitched to any 360 excavator, is a very safe and efficient means of off-loading and installing precast concrete pipes, thereby reducing the time operatives have to spend below ground level. The productivity of pipe laying is increased by as much as 30% as a result of using such equipment.

Commenting on the site preparation to date, Matt Bruce, site agent for Breheny says, “We are well underway with the early enabling and drainage works at Wintringham. The steady flow of precast concrete drainage products from FP McCann is enabling us to proceed on site uninterrupted”.

For further information on FP McCann’s Drainage solutions, contact the team at Ellistown on 01530 240000 or the team at Knockloughrim on 028 7954 9026 or email