Project Description


Johnny McCollum – Northern Ireland

028 7954 9045

James Hodgson – Great Britain

07753 415 817

Michael Hassan – Republic Of Ireland

07809 553 040

Ever since cows were first housed, the effective removal of the manure, slurry and the cleanliness of the cows have been primary objectives. The FP McCann slatted cubicle building comes close to achieving this ideal.

FP McCann’s prestressed concrete stock walling is ideal for containing livestock providing a smooth surface for quick wash down. Stock wall panels are 80mm thick and made to suit your desired lengths; tongue and groove joints allow for very quick installation with a clean finish.

We generally recommend using tractor-loading slats within the building, up to a 4-tonne axle loading weight, which should be adequate for any likelihood. Inspection/access hatches can be distributed around the building. The collection yard can be slatted generally, at least 3m away from the parlour entrance, or can be scraped or washed into a channel. Either of these options can then be fed into the main tank if levels and proximity allow. The slurry can be extracted by tanker, pump or by the umbilical system.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Cleanliness and comfort of cows and building
  • Provide adequate slurry storage
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Exclusion of rainwater
  • More economical use of space, no external slurry stores and associated concrete areas
  • No disturbance to the cows. Enhanced foot health – drier and harder
  • Lower labour requirement. Slatted floors for better efficiency and strength