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FP McCann’s rainwater harvesting chamber is a bespoke precast water storage chamber that is compatible with water harvesting systems for residential, industrial/ commercial and agricultural installations.

Capturing rainwater re-use offers significant cost savings for the user and benefits the environment by increasing water resources and further enhancing water amenity. The chamber complies with Environment Agency SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) directives.

The basic concept of harvesting rainwater is simple – rainwater is mostly collected from the roofs of buildings. It flows through gutters and downspouts and is then filtered and collected by a storage tank. From the tank, it can be recirculated or treated to produce a better quality of recycled water.

The Rainwater Harvesting Chamber is part of FP McCann’s environmental range of wastewater management products.

Rainwater Harvesting Chamber Advantages and Environmental Benefits:

  • Cost-effective re-use of a natural resource
  • Conservation of mains water supplies
  • Complies with SuDS directives
  • Unobstructive (buried underground)
  • Speedy installation – no ready mixed concrete backfill required
  • Low maintenance
  • 120-year design life on a concrete tank

The filtered rainwater is very soft and chlorine-free, making it particularly suitable for fabric washing and other uses such as toilet flushing, external cleaning and irrigation. Our rainwater harvesting chambers are available in 5 different capacities:

  • Irrigation Only – 1200 litres & 1500 litres
  • Small/Medium Domestic & Irrigation – 3000 litres & 5000 litres
  • Large Domestic/Small Commercial & Irrigation – 7000 litres