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Supporting role for FP McCann’s precast columns in new International Quarter, London

Site: International Quarter, Stratford, London

Contractor: PJ Carey Ltd.

Client: Lendlease / London & Continental Railways JV

Products Supplied: Precast concrete columns from 1.5 to 19 tonnes

FP McCann’s specialist precast division has recently completed the manufacture and delivery of over 1,000 precast concrete columns forming part of the superstructure for two prestigious commercial buildings in Stratford, East London.

Situated on a 22 acre site within the Olympic Park is Stratford’s International Quarter, a £2.3 billion commercial and retail development creating a new metropolitan centre in London. FP McCann supplied the precast columns for two of the buildings, S5 and S6, which have already been let to high profile tenants, Transport for London (TFL) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Building frame contractor PJ Carey Ltd, awarded the contract to supply the precast columns to FP McCann, due to past collaboration on another high specification project at Chiswick Park. 

FP McCann was tasked with manufacturing 1000 plus structural precast columns to a very unique design mix. The mix had to provide a compressive strength of over 80 kN/mm2 on building S6 (11 levels) and 90kN/mm2 building S5 (19 levels). 

Aside from the high specification on concrete design strength, the columns are an architectural feature and required a finish to complement the exterior designs. As such, the factory fnish of the columns was of a very high standard, with individual units being required to meet the architectural specification straight out of the moulds at Littleport. All units were subject to individual inspection and final client sign-off.

The weight of the columns range from 1.5 tonnes to 19 tonnes; the largest column cast as a single piece is a double height unit which spans from the ground floor to the 1st floor, via the mezzanine level, and measures less than 12 metres.  During construction, PJ Carey installed the columns at a rate of one level every 8 days, and just-in-time deliveries were required, due to the limited space on-site. The two buildings were successfully delivered to program; both the client and the architect are extremely pleased with the products provided.

Patrick Sexton, FP McCann’s Specialist Precast General Manager says, “Due to our high profile and successful involvement in supplying the special precast columns to Buildings S5 and S6 in The International Quarter, with another nine buildings to be completed between 2017 and 2025, we are very optimistic about securing further work on this prestigious urban development.”

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