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North Foreshore Infrastructure Project is well underway at Giant's Park, Belfast

One of the main elements of the infrastructure work is preparing the new road area to receive gas lining. This involves laying a regulating material to the bottom and top of the liner along with geo-textile protection layers.

Approximately 49,000m2 of gas liner has been laid across all access roads and 49,000T of regulating material has been laid below and on top as protection.



We have also installed a new 1050mm concrete pipe which also had to be wrapped in gas liner. The new 1050mm concrete outlet is discharging into the Belfast Lough where we have used a 1050mm headwall to finish it off.
In preparation for the secondary road at the North Foreshore, the main factor was to surcharge the area to reduce the amount of settlement after the final surface layer had been laid. This involved putting an extra 14,000T of stone onto the road to increase the settlement over an eight week period. Daily measurements were then taken to record the amount of settlement.
Within the area of works, there are also three plateau areas that had to be capped for future work. This involved a cut-fill exercise, with 450mm of capping stone laid on a separation layer.
The area of the three plateaus is 120,000m2 which required 110,000T of capping stone.