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FP McCann Launches StormBrake™ Design Portal

StormBrake™, FP McCann’s new WRc approved vortex flow control system, is now backed up with a comprehensive online design portal. Drainage engineers simply enter two numbers to determine the StormBrake™ performance characteristics and overall flow chamber specifications.

Once registered, users can quickly login to the portal where they are asked to enter the head of water in metres and the flow of water in litres/second. The StormBrake™ calculator then identifies performance points against the design criteria including flush flow and kickback points. The recommended minimum chamber and outlet pipe diameters and the geometric properties of the vortex flow control are determined by the calculator.  A typical chamber layout is then drafted to provide the designer with the complete installation package to the specification required.

StormBrake™ provides the solution to a variety of storm water management problems, from accurately controlling storm water flow to minimising upstream storage requirements and reducing the risk of blockages with outlet areas up to 6 times larger than equivalent orifice plates. StormBrake™ requires minimal maintenance following installation but contains a bypass door which can be manually opened from ground level if required, allowing the fast discharge of water from the chamber for inspection and blockage clearance.

To set up your account and login to the StormBrake™ Design Portal, click on the link below and follow the simple registration instructions.


For further information on StormBrake™, please contact:

Mark Benbow for England/Wales enquires: or call 01530 240000
Michael Hassan for Scotland/NI/ROI enquiries: or call 028 7964 2558


StormBrake™ demonstration video