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  •  FP-McCann-Quarry-Gabion-Stone
Gabions are free-draining walls constructed by filling large baskets with broken stone. These baskets are made from galvanised steel mesh to ensure durability and strength.
We extract the limestone from our Clarkes Quarry in Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh. Close attention to detail is placed on the design and filling process in each of our gabions. The permeability and flexibility of gabions make them suitable where the retained material is likely to be saturated and where the bearing quality of the soil is poor. Ideally, they are used as retaining walls and as anti-erosion features typically running next to rivers etc. Our processes conform to the most stringent quality standards to ensure maximum strength and durability is acheived and resistance to weathering of the stone fill.






**Please note: all measurements are in metres

Mesh wire complies with BS EN ISO1461**