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Fire and Blast Walls

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FP McCann Cable Ducting Systems
FP McCann manufactures two types of prestressed panels that are ideal for both fire and blast walling. With the choice of vertical cantilever panels or horizontal panels and columns, fire and blast walling is designed to contain fire from 30 minutes up to 4 hours, depending on the thickness of the panel. Rapid installation is possible due to the tongue and grooved joints. Standard column sections are 500mm x 700mm, with a made-to-order height to customer requirements. Fire walls and columns can be manufactured to the clients’ own design or to an FP McCann design.
Key features and benefits:
Vertical Cantilever Panels
  • Overall wall heights of up to 7 metres can be achieved
  • The panels are designed to be cast in to a foundation and FP McCann can supply cradles to assist with this method of installation
Horizontal Panels
  • Overall wall heights of up to 10 metres can be achieved
  • Panels slot between precast columns and are embedded into the ground via preformed pockets which are then grouted into position using high-strength grout
  • It negates the need for a full length trench to be excavated and concreted, instead favouring easily formable localised pockets at specific centres