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DN2100 Easi-Base

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A prefabricated manhole base unit with integral benching, channels and connectors that provides an immediate and long-lasting watertight solution in the management of waste water.

Product Benefits


  • An extremely fast, efficient and economical method of constructing manhole bases on-site
  • Accepted by main UK Water Authorities
  • Significant health and safety benefits
  • An immediate watertight structure, allowing other trades to instantly follow on
  • Factory prefabrication provides a quality finish to channelling and benching, and enables accurate combinations and variations for entry/exit pipes
  • Maintenance of channels and benches are aided by clean access for inspection
  • Eliminates the risk of water pollution that is associated with traditional methods of manhole construction, such as concrete base formation integrity failures due to bad weather conditions, which results in groundwater being contaminated with polluted raw sewerage and clean groundwater infiltrating the already overloaded raw sewerage system of pipelines and treatment plants
  • Easi-Bases are now accepted under ‘Sewers for Adoptions’ 7th edition
  • An 80 year guaranteed base